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03 Oct 2017
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Food Processing Machine

In the agricultural industry using machinery for the processing of agricultural materials is important, given that the activity can not be solved by ordinary human labor in large quantities and large enough. For example, food processing machinery for sago that has an important function for processing raw materials into finished materials such as sago.

Machine Tool Industry

The use of quality industrial food processing machinery is definitely needed, especially for the long term so that the machine can be used many times even in large numbers.

Complete Specifications:

Brand: Bj
Type: PSG 2500
Dimensions: 900 - 600 - 1300 mm
Capacity: 300 kg / hour
Activator: Diesel 8.5 PK
BBM: Solar

PT. Bahagia Jaya Indo is a company that is known as a supplier of food processing machinery that continues to innovate to meet customer demand with the best quality for the country.

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